IC 300 Gram/TB

The drum and nozzle type stainer (IC 300 Gram/TB) offers the unique ability to process AFB, Gram, Zhiel Neelsen, TB Fluorescence staining. Automated stain process minimizes exposure to the hazardous environment which ensures your safety. Newly introduced cuvette type of staining process enhances entire performance.



  • IC 300 Gram/TB
Bench type strainer
Cuvette Cycle system
Optimized reagent consumption per test
Long term reliability and durability with automated washing system
Minimized cross-contamination
Automatic Washing, Verification, HEPA Filter System, Thorough Contamination Prevent
Application : AFB, Gram, Zhiel Neelsen, TB Fluorescence
Model: IC 300 Gram/TB
Gram Throughput: 400 Samples/hour
AFB Throughput: 300 Samples/hour
Weight : 35 Kg
Rotation Speed : ~ 1,000 RPM
No. of Reagent Stations : 5
Degree (AFB Stain) : Heating gun 0~250 oC
Cuvette Capacity : 50 Slides X 2
Dimension: 520 X 570 X 520(h)mm
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