WisePrep TLA

  WisePrep TLA system is an unique system which integrates slide processing device, auto-stainer and cover slipper. WisePrep TLA system can process up to 150 slides per an hour in which includes smearing, staining, mount process. Each module is connected to next module, WisePrep TLA  system offers complete walk-away process.

    Also each module can be divided into three independent devices according to your needs. State-of-the-art communication port is installed which allows remote system checkup of the device, and compatibility with other devices and even LIS.

  • WisePrep TLA
Smearing, staining, and coverslipping can be done in one system automatically.
Each module is connected to next module, TLA system offers  complete walk-away process.
Each module can be divided into three independent  devices
Parameters governing smearing, staining, and coverslipping are adjustable
Various communication port makes remote control and diagnosis are possible.
All processes are managed by a bar code system
The sample processing can be monitored via the LCD screen.
The user can operate the recipe, it is possible to control the operation of the robot.

Model : WisePrep TLA
Slide Capacity : 1 to 40 Rack 1 EA or 2 EA
Modules speed : It can be controlled in five steps.
Touch Screen Control : Menu that operates as an icon
Dimensions : 2635 X 785 X 1460(H) mm
Weight : 500 kg
Electrical Requirements : 100 to 240 VAC
Power consumption : Up to 500 watts
Fuse : Overcurrent protection devices (250V, 20A)
Processes up to 150 samples/hour including all three of cytologic sample processing.

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