Slide Atlas

   Sputum (direct smear)

Thick smear

Dirty background

   Sputum(direct smear)


Normal epithelial cells in oral cavity

   Vegetable cell (plant cell)

Large dark nucleus-dead appearance,

Double, refractile granule cytoplasm,

Regular arrangement



Eccentric nuclei, kidney or bean shaped nuclei

Intracytoplasmic vacuoles

Intracytoplasmic carbon particle

Ill-defined cytoplasm

   Squamous metaplasia

Hyperchromatic chromatin

Eosinophilic or orangophilic cytoplasm

Larger than basal cell, smaller than squamous, round cell,

Sheet arrangement, round oval nuclei, fine granular chromatin

Slightly pleomorphism  & hyperchromasia.

   Well differentiated squamous cell carcinoma

Keratinized carcinoma cells, often appear as single cells

Cells are bizarre and show a variety of appearance

Dense, homogeneous, irregular border of nuclei

Not recognizable nucleoli

Cytoplasm is brightly orangophilic

Cannibalism and keratinizing cytoplasm

Cancer pearls

Ghost cells

   Small cell carcinoma

Small tight cluster

Cell in cell pattern

Molding of nuclei

Scant cytoplasm

Salt and pepper chromatin

Long strands of mucus

   Broncogenic adenocarcinoma

Medium sized to large cells

Abundant delicate or vacuolated cytoplasm, flat sheets

Rosettes, acinar structures, or cell cluster/balls

Round to oval eccentric nuclei with large solitary nucleoli

   Bronchioaveolar adenocarcinoma

Small, cohesive, monolayered sheets

Papillary processes, cell balls and clusters

Variability in amount of peomorphism and nuclear atypia

Intranuclear cytoplasmic inclusions

Originate terminal bronchi or alveoli